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  • Hay for Sale in Marion, Michigan

    Hay for Sale Large 7×4 square bales. Timothy. No rain, stored inside, no pesticedes or herbicides. $60 per bale. Phone ...

  • Hay for Sale in Brimley, Michigan

    Very Good Quality Hay VERY GOOG quality hay, not rained on. 45.00 for bales stored inside barn. Makes great horse hay ...

  • Hay Bales for Sale in Pickford, Michigan

    Timothy Mix Hay for Sale! 2000 Net wrapped, big round bales of timothy mix hay!. Upper Peninsula grown, 900-950 lbs per bale never rained on and delivery available.

  • Hay Bales for Sale in Sears, Michigan

    1st, 2nd and 3rd Cutting Hay for Sale 800lb 1st cutting round bales for sale $60.00 each. stored inside 800lb 2nd cutting round bales $70.00 each stored inside 800lb 3rd cutting round bales $75.00 each stored inside Evart area ...

  • Hay Bales for Sale in Montague, Michigan

    Timothy Hay for Sales Hay for Sale: Large round hay bales 4ftx5ft, .triple net-wrapped, barn stored nice & dry, 1st cutting 2018. Primarily Timothy (95%) with some red and other grasses, Organic – no herbicides, pesticides or chemical Fertilizers. $60/bale. bale weight ~900 to 1000#s/bale. Call Paul at ... ...

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