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  • Hay for Sale in Monroe, Maine

    Organic First Crop Round Bales, 3’x4′, $30 This year we have a surplus of MOFGA-certified organic first crop hay. We have several hundred round bales to sell at $30/bale. These bales are on the smaller size, 3’x4′, and can generally be rolled by one person–we moved them into our barn right after we baled them, and they were never rained on. We can load them up for you with our tractor but at this point we do not offer delivery. The phone number listed in this ad is a landline, so don’t text.

  • Hay for Sale in Whitefield, Maine

    Organic Hay for Sale Only $2.50 a Bale! End of Season Sale Hay only $2.50 a bale Organic Farm currently selling organic hay and MOFGA member for decades and certified in Permaculture. Soon we’ll be adding Honey, Heirloom Apples & wood products. Delivery available for additional fee

  • Hay Bales for Sale in Whitefield, Maine

    Organic Hay for Sale Organic hay for sale. $4.00 a bale Delivery available for extra fee ...

  • Hay for Sale in Vassalboro, Maine

    Hay for Sale Good horse hay 648 bales per load at $5.00 per bale delivered to ME, NH, and Ma.

  • Hay Bales for Sale in Hampden, Maine

    Certified Organic Square Bales MOFGA certified, excellent quality hay available. Square bales $5 and we give volume discounts. Great for horses, goats and dairy. ...

  • Hay for Sale in Eliot, Maine

    Free Hay, You Cut, Bail and Haul Away. 4 +/- acres, nice clean natural, never fertilized, Always left alone (except cut). Contact me to set up appointment. ...

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