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  • Hay Bales for Sale in Fulton, Arkansas

    Mixed Grass Hay We’ve got some 1yo old 4×5 4×6 net wrapped mixed grass hay.

  • Hay for Sale in Portland, Arkansas

    Southeast Arkansas Hay for Sale I have approximately 150 rolls of Bermuda with Dallas grass mix stored under sheds for horses, for $40 a roll. I will have more by winter! I also have about 200 rolls of cow hay for $35 a roll. Some bales are plain grass, some have Johnson, Bermuda, and Dallas, and Bahia mixed. Some of these are shedded! I will have a lot more by winter! Delivery is available and prices will be discussed set depending on bale count and distance.

  • Hay Bales for Sale in McRae, Arkansas

    Weeded/Fertilized Mixed Grass 4×5’s Some nut sedge and a little bit of last years sage grass stems but overall it’s clean grass. $15 roll

  • Hay Bales for Sale in Delaplaine, Arkansas

    212 Round Bales 75% Crab Grass and 25% Corn Stalk I have for sale 212 net wrapped round bays of hay. All bales are 75% crabgrass and 25% corn stalks. Hay is located in Delaplaine Ar. Have two tractors with forks on site and will load every bale that I sold.

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